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Brand design for a Lawyer


Christina Brutskaya is a founder of a law company who provides a wide range of law services to both individuals and companies. She is an author of books, articles and seminars. Many years of experience, has conducted more than 1000 litigations in civil and administrative cases in arbitration courts and courts of general jurisdiction on the territory of the Russian Federation.

Challenge: Redesign a law firm Brand Identity to improve credibility, increace brend awareness, and trust by creating a modern look 

Role: UX Research Analysis, Brand Design 

Duration: 1week

Project Type: Rebranding, Logo Design, Branding and research Illustration, 

Tools: Adobe Illistrator, Adobe Photoshop


What was done?

  1. Researching a Customer, her clients, and the competition.

  2. Setting the design direction (through the use of a design brief and a mood board).

  3. Creating many design concepts.

  4. Refining concepts with the most potential.

  5. Choosing the concept that best communicates the client’s values and brand message.

  6. Presenting the logo proposal to the client (with examples of everyday use).

  7. Preparing multiple colors and composition variations of the logo.

  8. Brand Identity Design.

Customer's preferences and personality:

Christina Brutskaya’s goal was to have a brand that captured her personality, a little conservative and feminine, elegant, but bright and memorable.

During communication and interviews with Kristina, the owner, I notiсed that she is charming, intelligent, extroverted and optimistic, definitely courageous and confident, ambitious, competitive, and like to be the winner. She is achievement orientated and second place is not good enough for her - "All or nothing". Prefers business or classic style in clothing and interior design. She confirmed my assumption and told me, “ I am a very narcissistic person! I like to be the center of attention, I crave attention. I don't like to lose and don't allow it! The most important thing for a lawyer is reputation, the success of a lawyer is based on this. Out of 100 people we serve, maybe 5% will tell their friends about how well their lawyer has done. But if the client is dissatisfied with the cooperation, he will definitely tell everyone around about it. Therefore, I never take on losing cases or where I don't see the result. I have a slogan: “There is no other result but victory!”. I decided so for myself, so I live."


  1. Individuals and companies.

  2. Nonprofit Work: Kristina supports victims of domestic violence, at-Risk women (who have no economic foothold in their marriage and no economic independence) to help them leave a partner, file for a restraining order, or press charges against an abuser, challenging unfair decisions of the custody, property division in the divorce court. Free of charge consultations, lectures, and representations (pro bono representation). Active support for Women's shelters.


Color Scheme:

For this project, I decided to choose a classical Monochromatic color scheme, made up of one hue red plus white, grey, or black, which creates a variety of tints, tones, and shades. any shade of grey complements the color red very nicely and really allows it to come alive. Color is used by consumers to distinguish a brand from one another. Red, possibly more than any other color, is extremely powerful and attracts attention. Its meaning is associated with excitement, passion, confidence, and action. This is very close to Christina's personality. This color should also remind her clients that they need to solve their problem right now, without any delay.


The logo depicts the Goddess of Justice and was completely created from scratch. Because we used red as our primary color, we tried to avoid complexity. We used simple sans-serif fonts for the information block and tried to make a logo simple and clear, but for Brand Name we used Century Schoolbook (transitional serif typeface designed by Morris Fuller Benton in 1919 for the American Type Founders (ATF) at the request of Ginn & Co., a textbook publisher) to make brand classical and feminine.

Brand Identity Design. Business Cards, Presentation Folder, envelopes, etc.

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