Hand-Drawn Design  for a  finance company


Brand redesign for a Israeli finance company "Meyerhoff Capital Investment Co, LTD". The task was to develop a new vision of the logo, which would convey the high cost, openness and clarity to a wide range of consumers, stability and reliability. It was proposed to depict the logo as a monogram with coat of arms, but which could be transformed into simpler forms for ease of use. "In hoc signo vinces".

Project Type:

2020 - Rebranding

Completed work: Branding and research, Handrawing, Illustration, Identity Design


During the discussion, I offered to develop a logo in a heraldic style. In the center, we placed a shield with the founder's monogram ("SM" - Solomon Meyerhoff). In the process of creation, the owner decided to use the logo as a personal monogram, too; for these purposes I developed two versions, with different texts on the ribbons. The letter M (Symbolized Company and family) and other parts or logo has a floral design that symbolizes development and growth, it is braided with the metal letter S inside, representing the owner who controls everything. Both letters are metal and screwed to the shield (strength, stability and continuity). Because the company focuses on investing in gold mining and other metal ores around the world, I suggested to use griffins to support the shield on both sides. These mystical creatures symbolize the guardians of gold in heraldry. They hold their tails between their legs as a sign of submission to the owner and stand on their hind legs with open beaks, ready to protect him from enemies. Since the company has been working for over 30 years, which is what the founder is proud of, we have put the date of foundation on the ribbon on logo version and family name on second (personal) version.

Gold - is a main color. A gold background and a gold cut have been chosen for the business cards to resemble a gold bar. As an additional color we chose dark blue, signifies loyalty, truth, strength and faith, as well as nobility of origin, wealth, pride and glory, vigilance, striving for victory, perseverance. 

The logo was completely hand-drawn, then converted to a vector graphic in Adobe. Since we have a very complex logo, we choose clear sans serif fonts.

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