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 Hand-Drawn Logo Design  for a  finance company


The project involved a brand redesign for Meyerhoff Capital Investment Co, LTD, an Israeli finance company. The objective was to develop a fresh vision for the logo that would effectively communicate qualities such as high value, transparency, clarity, stability, and reliability to a broad consumer base. The proposed concept was to create a monogram logo with a coat of arms, which could also be simplified for practical use. The motto for the logo design was "In hoc signo vinces."

Project Type:

2020 - Rebranding

Completed work: Branding and research, Handrawing, Illustration, Identity Design


During our discussion, I proposed the development of a logo in a heraldic style for Meyerhoff Capital Investment Co, LTD. The central element of the logo was a shield featuring the founder's monogram, "SM" representing Solomon Meyerhoff. As the design process progressed, the owner decided to utilize the logo as a personal monogram as well. To accommodate this, I crafted two versions of the logo, each with different texts displayed on ribbons.


The letter "M" was strategically incorporated into the design to symbolize both the company and the Meyerhoff family, while other elements of the logo embraced a floral motif, representing growth and development. Within this intricate design, a metal letter "S" was interwoven, symbolizing the owner's control and influence over all aspects. Both letters were meticulously crafted from metal and affixed to the shield, signifying strength, stability, and continuity. Both letters are metal and screwed to the shield (strength, stability, and continuity).


Given the company's focus on investments in gold mining and other precious metals worldwide, I suggested the inclusion of griffins on either side of the shield. These mystical creatures held their tails between their legs as a gesture of submission to the owner, standing on their hind legs with open beaks, prepared to protect him from adversaries. In heraldry, griffins are revered as the guardians of gold.


To commemorate the company's longstanding presence of over 30 years, a ribbon displaying the establishment date was included in one version of the logo, while the second version featured the family name, creating a more personal touch.

The primary color chosen for the logo was gold, representing the company's main focus and also symbolizing wealth. For the business cards, a gold bar-like appearance was achieved by utilizing a gold background and a golden edge. As an additional color, a dark blue shade was selected to evoke feelings of loyalty, truth, strength, and faith. It also conveys nobility of origin, wealth, pride, and glory, as well as vigilance, a relentless pursuit of victory, and perseverance.

The logo design was meticulously hand-drawn and subsequently converted to a vector graphic using Adobe software. Given the complexity of the logo, we opted for clear, sans-serif fonts to ensure legibility and maintain a refined aesthetic.

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