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[4K] Haras Cerro Punta. A thoroughbred horse breeding farm in Chiriqui Mountains, Panama.

🇵🇦🌴🐎 Step into the world of thoroughbred horse breeding at Haras Cerro Punta! Located in the stunning alpine hills between Cerro Punta and Guadalupe, this farm is a true paradise for horses and horse lovers alike. With its lush greenery and spectacular views, this stable is a unique and special place. This family-owned farm is well known for their expertise in breeding, nurturing, and training champion horses for Panama and beyond. With over 200 horses on their 100-hectare farm, you'll be in awe of the beauty and power of these magnificent animals. So come along with us and discover the world of Haras Cerro Punta!

Address: Av. Guadalupe Sur 1-1455, Cerro Punta, Panama

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