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Dollmaking. Sculpting

Just like you, I couldn't resist the magic of Christmas this year! It was November 1st when I eagerly brought out my Christmas tree and started transforming my home into a winter wonderland. This time around, 2021 had a special call for early decorations, and I happily answered!

I decided to add a personal touch to my festive setup by creating my very own Mrs. Santa Claus. With my creative spirit in full swing, I began sculpting her from scratch using Living Doll Super Sculpey polymer clay. The specific color I chose was "Baby," which gave her a soft and warm appearance, perfect for the holiday season.

After putting all my love and effort into shaping her delicate features, it was time to bring her outfit to life. With needle and thread in hand, I skillfully sewed together her enchanting ensemble, ensuring every stitch was just right. Finally, after days of meticulous work, my Mrs. Santa Claus was ready to embrace the spirit of the holidays!

Now, as I gaze upon my homemade creation, I can't help but feel a sense of joy and anticipation. With her by my side, my home radiates a cozy and romantic atmosphere, setting the stage for a truly magical holiday season.

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