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My Home's Italian Menu

Arancini Rice Balls
Beef and Spinach Lasagna
Braised chicken with Red and Green Peppers
Lasagna Bolognese
Mario Batali's Spicy Sicilian Chicken
Mario Batali’s pollo alla cacciatore
Mario Batali’s Pollo Avellino
Mario Batali’s Italian Meatloaf
Monkfish Scaloppine with Chianti and Sage
Parmesan Polenta with Sausage Ragù
Pop Rastelli's Italian Meatballs
Rigatoni with Pancetta Tomato Sauce
Ragù alla Napoletana
Ricotta and Egg Gnocchi with Olives, Capers, and Tomato Sauce
Roman Beef Croquettes (Polpette di Bollito)
Sicilian Caponata

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